Stephanie and Chris’s Wedding
at Upland Hills Farm.

Who says your wedding can’t be a getaway? And who says a getaway has to be far? What makes me define their day as an a intimate wedding has less to do with the headcount and more to do with just how close and caring everyone was. It truly felt like a family gathering with one hell of a theme.

A couple details to look out for:
Upland Hills Farm in Oxford, Michigan had a genuine farmland menagerie, each member cuter than the last.
Stephanie is an early elementary teacher and had her students write THEIR definition of what they thought love is. Lots of hugging. I approve.
Stephanie is also a self proclaimed Disney super fan. So I managed to not so subtly apply some mouse ears to a couple shots, to compliment the mouse jewels attached by hand to her lovely veil.

My ultimate testament to the day is that it was genuinely the hottest wedding I have ever worked. No question. Highs nearing 100 and full sun on my bald head. And despite that, I only look back on it fondly. Love truly does conquer all. But you should definitely still hydrate and wear sunscreen all the same.

You can also see the full, real gallery by clicking here.

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