Meet the Alex
of Galexy Photo

Your Photographer
& Dream Day Papparazzi

Before anything else, thank you for stopping by!
It means the world to me that I can do this for a living and get to meet and work with such incredible people.

For over a decade, now, I have been able to capture a vast nebula of different characters.

But in 2016 I gave up working in studios on the weekdays to dive into wedding photos, full-time. I have lived in Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Ypsilanti, and more. But I currently reside in Dearborn Heights.

That being said, I have captured weddings all across the country! I love Michigan dearly. But I will love you almost as much if you give me an excuse to get the heck outta here for a few days.

What I value most


ALL love is love and you are very welcome here. Hate? Not so much.

The Planet

We only get one. It’s pretty easy to still have a great life and be good to it.


Always strive to give my best in all that I do.


One of the greatest signs of love and respect is openness and honesty.

Why I Love Being a
Wedding Photographer

On Your Wedding Day, you might hear me say “put your hands up and enjoy the ride”.
And while you are obviously in control of yourself and your day, it can be a huge relief to reap the rewards of your planning and get to focus on what I refer to as ” all the feelings you’d be feeling if I wasn’t there”.

My job, simply, is to turn those unspeakable feelings into memories you can come back to forever. Little emotional checkpoints you can refer back to and laugh (or cry) all over again.

The Biggest Spark in My Heart

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Extreme Nap Artist
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First Day We Met
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Loves a Good Adventure

My Greatest Pride and Joy, though, is my Pup Wilma.
It has been an honor to be her Pup Pops since 2017. We have been through a whole hell of a lot together. She has even inspired me to donate 5% of all wedding sales to Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control. Friends of DACC is a fantastic local humane society that can always use more help.

If we don’t end up working together, consider giving them some love, all the same.

Click the Paw if you feel inclined to donate!