“I do’s” that look like you.

5-star Michigan Wedding Photographer.

Capturing real couples of all kinds,
within the light they deserve.

“I do’s” that look like YOU.

5-Star Michigan Wedding Photographer.

Capturing real couples of all kinds,
within the light they deserve.

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But TIMELESS describes the content as much as how it is displayed.

More important than shades and tones is what an image makes you FEEL.

You should FEEL exactly how you did at that moment. You should be pulled right back into what made that moment with that person so wordlessly special.

And that should be true for decades to come.

You deserve a day all about YOU & YOUR STORY

Your wedding photos should perfectly represent the unique story you both share.
Because while the wedding only lasts one day, your images will be timeless.

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What do clients think?
“I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never been followed around by a camera all day, but he made the experience so enjoyable and so comfortable. Alex was quick, flexible, and always on the ball. He knew when to jump in and direct us for an amazing shot, but also had a way of fading into the background and allowing everything to occur naturally. We were so glad we hired Alex.”
Hillary R.

Hi! I am the Alex of Galexy Photo

As a dedicated wedding photographer, I approach each shoot with a commitment to being your ally, advocate, and partner in capturing your special day.

My goal is to create images that truly reflect the love, energy, and beauty of your celebration, and I take pride in being a trusted presence on your wedding day.

As a Michigan-based photographer (based in Dearborn), I am thrilled to travel the world and capture love stories wherever they unfold. Since 2012, my top priority has been to bring out the best in you and your partner, and I do this by respecting the flow and energy of your day while expertly guiding you when needed.

By choosing an experienced professional, you can trust that your unique story will be captured with care and respect. I believe that your real interactions and emotions are the key to creating unforgettable memories, and I am committed to making sure that you feel heard, seen, and valued on your special day.

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“…Every person you look at, you can see the universe in their eyes,
if you’re really looking.”
– George Carlin

Are You ready to learn how easy it is to get photos you love?

Why choose Galexy Photo?

A photo from your wedding day should take you back to that moment, evoking the same feelings of love, joy, and connection you felt then. The colors, lighting, and composition of the image are important, but what truly matters is the emotional impact of the photo.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. It’s my goal to capture that emotion in a way that will last a lifetime.

That’s why I try to capture not just what you look like, but also how you feel and the connection between you and your partner. Those images tell the story of your love and the special moments you shared on your wedding day.

How about another couple?
“Very professional, flexible, and helped calm the organizational nerves of this bride! He traveled to multiple locations as well as scouted our perfect “getaway” bride and groom photo-ops. He was easy to communicate with and got along with even the spiciest of wedding party members. We couldn’t have chosen anyone better to document our wedding day. Book Alex immediately.”
– Allison S

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